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9 Obsolete but still interesting?

This chapter contains information covered in the early days of the FAQs. It is not updated anymore. Note that with new releases of NEXTSTEP and OpenStep some information might still be useful to those, who e.g. didn't update.

9.1 Where can I get NeXT paraphernalia?


NeXT paraphernalia are no longer available. Let's stop reading 1 minute and remember the times ..... Thanks!

9.2 Is there any way to change the text in the title bar of a terminal window?

There is no way of changing the title bar of a Terminal.app window in 2.x; in 3.x there is. Check Preferences (Title Bar): set CustomTitle, type in the title, and hit CR (or Set Window) and voila!

[From: andre@ramsey.cs.laurentian.ca (Andre Roberge)]

Actually, there is a way to change the title bar of a Terminal window in 2.x (at least in 2.1 which is what I am using). It is somewhat limited but it might be useful to some.

The trick is to make a symbolic link between /bin/csh (or whichever shell one wishes to use) and a file in / named "Whatever_you_want_to_appear_in_the_title_bar". Then select this new "shell" in the terminal preference and, voila!, you'll have your terminal window with /Whatever_you..... in the title bar.

You can edit Stuart's titlebar interactively from the "Window..." Inspector (Command-3).

Stuart provides emulation of certain Operating System Command (OSC) sequences which can be used to modify the titlebar under subprocess control.

Stuart can change the title of the current window from the command line. In Stuart is possible to get more descriptive titles by linking /usr/ucb/rsh to /usr/hosts/. Then by adding /usr/hosts to your Stuart ShellPath you can then get the hostname into the title bar:

$ dwrite StuartShellPaths <various dirs>:/usr/hosts

You should then type in the hostname as the shell to invoke (disable the "Shell reads .login file" for this. You can also add hosts to your .Stuartrc file:


For the localhost, link /bin/csh to /usr/hosts/, or even better /usr/local/bin/tcsh instead of using rsh.

[From: Garance A Drosehn <gad@eclipse.its.rpi.edu>]

For what it's worth, I do this with a script called "telnet_to" and a (bash) function called "telnet_window". The function simply does a

local soil_pars="-Lines 32 -Keypad YES -Reverse \
YES -Strict YES -TestExit YES";
soil -Shell "telnet_to $1" $soil_pars

and the script is just:

/usr/ucb/telnet $*
echo ' '
echo ' --> telnet exited, press enter to close window.'
read -r Waste_Var
exit 0

This has a number of advantages, not the least of which being that I can pop up a "telnet_window" to anywhere. I don't have to create links for each host (though I do create aliases for the most common hosts), and I can type "telnet_window" (or, e.g., "tel_aix") as a unix command.

Also, if I lose the connection suddenly then the window stays around until I get a chance to see what happened. I use telnet instead of rsh because I generally connect to hosts which won't accept rsh's.

9.3 I can't get my pictures in OmniWeb <2.0.

OmniWeb <2.0, Images

You have to install the OmniImage.service in your /Library/Services or /LocalLibrary/Services (This is also a nice way to get pictures converted in other applications as well.

You can ftp this from ftp.informatik.uni-muenchen.de

9.4 How do I remap the and | keys on my keyboard?


NeXT introduced a new keyboard configuration with the 040 products. The | keys which had been located on the main keyboard was moved to the numeric keypad. Many users have since complained about it, and a work around is to remap these keys using the demo application Keyboard (/NextDeveloper/Demos/Keyboard), Mike Carlton's keyboardfix program: ftp://ftp.cs.orst.edu/pub/next/sources/next-interface/keyboardfix.tar.Z

...which lets you put these keys on shift-return or shift-delete. One can hope that there will be a choice of keyboards in the future.

9.5 How do I stop NeXTMail/Sendmail adding &Mcirc;s onto the end of lines?


In /etc/sendmail.cf make this change:

[old code]

##### UUCP Mailer specification
Muucp, P=/usr/bin/uux, F=msDFMhuU, S=13, R=23,

[new code]

##### UUCP Mailer specification
Muucp, P=/usr/bin/uux, F=msDFMhuU, S=13, R=23, E=\n,

This has been fixed in 3.1, and the default mailhost sendmail is UUCP oriented.

9.6 Why does NEXTSTEP 1.0 hang a few seconds after attempting to boot?

Boot hang, NS1.0

Release 1.0 contains a bug that can corrupt the kernel /odmach if a user attempts to launch /odmach from the browser. The solution is to copy a clean /odmach from another NeXT system. Be sure to change the permissions of the newly installed /odmach to remove execute permissions to prevent future occurrences of the same problem. Release 1.0a and beyond do not have this problem.

It is possible for the sdmach to get corrupted in the same way. Boot from the OD, copy an uncorrupted version of the kernel to the hard disk, and remove the execute bits from sdmach.

9.7 Modem hangs under NS2.0 by incoming calls

calls, incoming

There is a bug in the serial driver which causes getty to get stuck. The situation arises after a successful uucico connection, subsequent connections via modem will get a connection with the modem, but no login prompt.

This is caused by getty hanging. A simple work around is to have a process run in cron to reset the getty every 15 minutes:

#! /bin/sh -u
PIDS=`ps -ax | bm getty | grep -v bm | awk '{print $1}'`
kill -TERM $PIDS

Of course trying to connect when the script is running will not allow you to connect, try again a minute later. This fix will not affect on-going UUCP or interactive connections. This will probably be fixed in the next kernel release.

This bug is corrected in NEXTSTEP 2.1 and later releases.

9.8 NS2.0 doesn't recognize /LocalApps path

/LocalApps, NS2.0

Workspace has its own internal application path. In 2.0 /LocalApps was omitted. Improv needs to have /LocalApps in the Workspace path if you have Improve installed in /LocalApps. The work around in 2.0 only is:

dwrite Workspace ApplicationPaths "~/Apps:/LocalApps:/NextApps: \

This bug is corrected in NEXTSTEP 2.1 and later releases.
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