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1 Introduction


This is now preliminary version of the FAQ. It hasn't been updated for 2 years. Because I was lacking to update it on a regular basis, I'm now struggling to continue working on it. So be aware, that most information isn't still up-to-date! (In fact it's sometimes more than 2 years old). However I believe, I've rechecked a lot and most information should be correct. Please let me now, if you discover any wrong information.

This FAQ is going to be updated monthly, at least on the Peanuts Web site. Postings to the newsgroups might change, because the FAQ is really huge now (over 110 pages, using >200kB).

Please excuse misspellings, wrong grammar, etc. English isn't my native language and I have only school knowledge.

Have fun!

1.2 About this FAQ

These are the frequently asked questions concerning NeXT, NeXTSTEP or any other NeXT related topics.

This compilation is meant primarily as a service to the (comp.sys.next and de.comp.sys.next) community.

NeXT Software,Inc. was a privately held company, heading towards software business. It sold NEXTSTEP and OPENSTEP its award winning OS and several other software packages (most included with NEXTSTEP): EOF, NEXTSTEP Developer, WebObjects, NetInfo, ...

However all properties of NeXT Software, Inc. are now owned by Apple Computer. Apple is still distributed the NeXT software and currently developing a new operating system based on the NeXT technology, code name: Rhapsody.

The latest version is OPENSTEP (based on the white paper 'OpenStep'), which runs not only on top of Mach (as NEXTSTEP does) but also on Solaris, Windows NT, Windows 95, HP-UX. The user of NeXT's software is confronted with a wide range of different software and hardware.

To help in the unaware user, this FAQ was founded. But also professional users might find some interesting information, which they didn't knew already.

Note that NEXTSTEP,OpenStep and Rhapsody questions often concern related topics like Objective-C, UNIX, administration tasks, etc. for which already separate FAQs do exist. See the new.answers newsgroup for additional FAQs, if your problem isn't covered by this FAQ.

1.3 Submissions

As with all FAQs the quality of the information provided here is mostly depending on the Usenet community, which in most cases serves for the information resource. Feel free to e-mail the FAQ author to contribute, or send error reports.

If you contact the author, use the following subject for submissions: FAQ submission. To report errors use: FAQ error. Additionally you might want to add the chapter where the submission/error report belongs to.

1.4 Availability

This FAQ is published monthly in the comp.sys.next.* newsgroups and in the near future news.answer.

It may be downloaded via FTP from ftp://ftp.peanuts.org/peanuts/GeneralData/Documents/faq/. Special additions for redistributors and homeusers do exist.

This FAQ may be accessed only through Peanuts as well: http://www.peanuts.org/

In the near future we want to implement an e-mail service for those who don't have access to news. You may add yourself to the mailinglist by sending an e-mail with subject: FAQ mailme. Note that this service isn't available, yet completely, because there is too little interested. However I keep a list of all the registered people and they will still receive e-mail copies.

1.5 Copyright

This FAQ is copyrighted by Bernhard Scholz. (Internet e-mails: scholzb@peanuts.org)

Mentioned trademarks belong to their holder and are not explicitly listened.

We do not collect any royalties, charge any fees, or compensate anyone in connection with this endeavor, but of course we would be happy about each e-mail commenting on the FAQ, about pizzas (lasagne is accepted, too :-) ), postcards, ...

Anyway we reserve a copyright on the the published information in this FAQ. Any questions concerning other redistribution should be send to the author of the FAQ.

Reprinting of this FAQ, even in parts, is prohibited without permission by the author except for printings for private use.

Newsletter editors wishing to excerpt from this work for publication should consider using local electronic bulletin boards to disseminate this information rather than preparing hardcopies. This allows for readers to access the most recent information, and perhaps save a couple of trees.

1.6 Disclaimer

Of course there is no warranty in any case using the information provided here. We haven't tested the information to be correct.

We are not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned in this FAQ.

1.7 Thanks

Especially we want to thank the Usenet community for contributing to the FAQ and all the people who have written us.

Then I want to thank the people who worked on the FAQ before I did take them over (in order of working): Pascal Chesnais and Erik Kay, Nathan F. Janette, Maximilian Goedel (never released anything but cleaned up some things for me).

Thanks also to Karl Ewald, who contributed his latex2html Perl script which replaced the non working original latex2html version.
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